Monday, December 12, 2011

Memorial Box Monday- The Owls

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When we began our journey last year into this round of foster care Barry and I were keeping the application process to ourselves. God had some mighty big mountains to move (only big to us!) and we were not ready to take on the rounds of questions. It seemed like God's timing could not be any farther off than it already was. Riley's eye disease will always be a big concern and still weighed heavily on our minds. We had been led around in a goose chase of a hoped adoption the year prior, and the Lord had removed us from the situation. It really did not seem like a good idea to even walk down this road again.

God had laid this child on my heart months before and I prayed that God would send Barry to me to set the course for this journey, and He did. One Monday morning Barry came to me and said it was time for us to pursue adoption. My mouth nearly hit the floor.

We started the paperwork, made calls, secretly got excited and in a matter of weeks found ourselves in an interview for foster care. I questioned God along the way about this path we were on. I was afraid. It seemed like too much of a risk. I often back-tracked and wanted confirmation that we were walking wisely.

On the way to Atlanta for Riley's eye appointment just a few weeks later a car pulled out in front of us and I raised my head to see a picture of an owl on the side of the car. I thought to myself how odd that was- odd because the car was a taxi. We went about our way and soon thereafter we passed a billboard with an owl on it. I really thought that was unusual that I would see two owls in one day- in the Summer. (Remember, this is last year before owls became "the thing").

I thought about those owls all day until it finally occurred to me that maybe the Lord was trying to use these owls to direct me. So I prayed that if that were the case, that he would somehow confirm that to me. I didn't mention the owls to Barry because I thought he would think I was crazy, and the boys were with us and they did not know about the journey at this point.

As we traveled home it was nearing dusk and Barry chose to cut through the country. I dropped something in the floor board of the car and leaned over to pick it up. When I did he asked me if I saw a sign we had passed. I said no that I did not. He preceded to say we had passed a street sign and the name of the street was Hoot Owl Hollow, and he thought that was neat. Again, my mouth almost hit the floor. I told Barry about the owls once we settled in at home and we began to notice them everywhere.

I began to see owls in all sorts of odd places. Confirmation of His plan. We decided to decorate our nursery in hoot owls completely in faith of God's promise to do what He said He would do.

Four months after we began our journey, our sweet girl was delivered into my arms. At this point she is still called a foster child by the state. To us, she is ours. We await with great anticipation the day when God's timing produces her adoption. There are still mountains in the way- but He can move them. We continue to watch out for owls, and now spot them everywhere we go. They are a remider to us that we are walking wisely in His plan.

God is good, all the time!


  1. Cute nursery! My grandma collected owls when I was a child, and her love has rubbed off on me. I love how God can nudge us in His direction through the little things....not always a Big Mighty Voice.

  2. Such timing - I have to tell you that this morning I woke up to the sound of a Hoot Owl doing it's hooting thing outside my window. We live on an acre so it's not too odd to hear nature outside but never a Hoot Owl. So as I woke up this morning I prayed for you and your family, not knowing what God had in-store for you today, because he clearly laid you on my heart in the form of a Hoot Owl's Hoot.

  3. It's awesome how He's been confirming to you through owls, something similar has been happening to me with owls as well! :) it's uncanny :)

  4. Oh mah word. I love this story. I love "these" stories. I love it that God knows we need things to smack us right in the face most of the time. Fantastico.

  5. PS - I also love that God is RaNdOm! Owls? Why not!

  6. Wow! So very neat! We were foster parents who adopted 2 children from our state! In fact, my own MBM post was about our fostering/adoption with one of our kids!

    And, your nursery! So, so cute!

  7. I wondered where you came up with the owl theme. I know it's popular, but I felt there was something more. I got chills reading this.


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