Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Take Down

Over the weekend I broke free from all of my regular Mommy duties and spent the day with Robin.

Part of the fun we had included shopping at our local shops.

Enter: The Children's Place

Tell me you could have walked away from this dress for $7.99.

Exactly. Me neither.

She is a vision in yellow.


I think we've settled on these treasures for Riley's birthday party next month. Our Small Town Sponsor the Cake Pop Shop has these and other fun items up for grab. You can personalize your order and save yourself some time! Riley's favorite snack is S'mores, so this will make another fun addition to our totally outdoors party.


LOVE this etsy shop by Wifey Singer! So much so that some of my Mother's day moolah has found its way over there. They came in the mail wrapped with the most care. I put them on in the car. It's three days later and I have all but slept in them. Do yourself a favor, skip over and buy a pair. Send yourself some fun in the mail. You can thank me later.


My in-real-life friend Kim has just opened a new etsy shop and I could not be more excited to show you this:

Be still my owl-loving heart. Go check out her retro orange print. It makes my heart pitter patter!


I have been following the missionary journey of Todd and Amy Block via their blog for several years. God has called them to uproot again and do great and mighty things in His name. To give orphans a hope and a future.
 (Jeremiah 29:11 in ACTION!)

They can not do this alone. Please go over and read this post and pray that God may show you what your part may be.

It is our responsibility to go into the ends of the earth and share the love of Jesus. If we aren't willing to physically go, then we need to support those who do. This project will be wide open with possibilities. God wants us to help!


And for a final example of how foster care can make you crazy- I have babies on the brain.

Like I keep thinking things like "if Pie had a baby sister, we would call her Keisha" or "I think we will name our next little girl "Zoe".

People. Before Pie came along my imaginary babies had names like Mary, Abigail and Leah.

Now I'm pulling sassy names out of a hat and drooling over American Girl doll clothing patterns in the Hobby Lobby.


Somebody say stop.



We've added a worm digging contest to our Summer bucket list. There is no limit to the lengths I will go to entertain boys.

Oh wait, yes there is. I do not do snakes.


That's enough crazy for one day.

Hope your week is going well!

God is good, all the time!


  1. I'm am in super-speed planning mode here (due to some unexpected travel out of town and other generally stressful stuff). I've got a week and a half to throw together a Halloween-themed (yes, you read that right) birthday party. And school is out on the 7th. Busy, busy!
    Riley's party sounds fantastic! My son's birthday is in December - not exactly the time for an outdoor-extravaganza - but he'd love your idea!

  2. Oh c'mon! Where's the fun in a rule like "no snakes"??

  3. great finds!

    p.s. I don't do snakes...or critters for that matter...:)


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