Monday, November 12, 2012

Bit by Bit

Today was pizza delivery day.

Our sweet small town friends planned this a few months ago, and today it all came to fruition as everyone picked up their pizza kits.

There is no way we will ever be able to repay everyone for giving so sacrificially to our adoption fund.

There's a possibility that something big could happen for our case this week. While I can't share the details on that, I would like to ask you to pray. Could you pray for wisdom for a social worker, for a willingness to cooperate for another one, and for peace for us as we wait. Oh this journey is a nail-biter some days.

This one thing could change the course and the timeline for us.

It is huge.

Also, I have one more favor to ask.

We'll soon be sending in our next retainer fee.  We have quite a ways to go before we get there.

Our first adoption puzzle filled quickly and a second one was started. On the second puzzle we have 169 out of 500 pieces sponsored. If the remaining 331 pieces are sponsored we would be thrilled!

You can read about our Adoption Puzzle here.

It's our girl's birthday this week, would you sponsor a puzzle piece in her honor?

You can make a donation through Paypal by clicking on the Paypal donation button on the right side bar. To sponsor a puzzle piece, just make a $5.00 donation. A piece will be aside in your name for every $5.00 increment that you donate. If you'd like to list your family names on your pieces just list the names in the notes of your donation and we will make sure your names are written on your sponsored puzzle pieces.

As far as I can see (God may have different plans) this is likely our last fundraiser.

Would you help us finish up this last puzzle?

Thank you all so much to those who have already donated. We could not do this without your help!

God is good, all the time!


  1. i cannot WAIT to see what God is going to do here!
    will be praying! :)

  2. Praying hard that it all works out! For the people who need to make decisions to make the right ones! That sweet Pie deserves it!


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