Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halls of Jolly {A Mini Home Tour}

Decking the halls for Christmas is my favorite.

There is something about Christmas that makes our home feel a little more cozy and inviting.

Also, it puts a Winter spell on me and I no longer want to leave my house.

This year has been extra fun with our girl. The lights twinkle in her eyes. She has a fancy dance that she has devoted to showing off her tree complete with grand arm movements and tippy toe prances.

The Little People Nativity is the biggest hit of all this year. Cows, sheep and Wise Men have all been spotted on the roof of the stable. I guess the angel needed some time off.

Her little tree is covered in owls- and one Hello Kitty.

Our evenings have been calm and relaxing.

Well, you know, as well as they can be with a two year old.

My Aunt Gail cross-stitched an ornament for me every year for my first 19 Christmases. I have them each and every one.

They melt my heart.

This one is from my third Christmas, and it's my absolute favorite.

My angel was handmade by my Grandma Sarah.

Go ahead, swoon.

We'll be starting Advent here in a few days.

I can hardly wait, I hope you're ready.

God is good, all the time!


  1. Love your mantle and that gorgeous wreathe :)

  2. Cozy and beautiful!!! How fun to get a peek inside!

  3. I love the handmade ornaments! And where did you get those stockings? I need new ones this year.

  4. thank you for sharing! so lovely. i swoon. come decorate mine now!

    i smile at the ornament from your aunt. love sentimental things. looking froward to pouring over mine tomorrow when we finally decorate.

  5. Pretty tree. The ornaments make me swoon,t oo.


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