Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Sprinkles {Orphan Care Edition}

Before I begin my regular blog post, I'd like to take a moment to express my sincere sympathy to the families who have experienced such an unthinkable tragedy in their lives this past week. I don't have the proper words. Our world needs Jesus.

Our boys spent their weekend camping out in the party bus with Nana and Papaw. They had important Christmas shopping and S'mores roasting to do. It left much room for our girl to be the center of attention at home and plenty of time for chatting it up with Santa. And, in case you were wondering, "chatting it up" meant not sitting in his lap but saying "Tinkerbell" to him.

It also left room for me and the Mister to go on a date and do a little Christmas shopping ourselves. Shopping this year has been a slow process for various reasons and I have my doubts that I'll even be done when Christmas morning arrives. Thank goodness Christmas isn't about the gifts.

A few months ago my college friends, Robin and Chris, contacted me and asked if they could adopt our girl for the kick-off for their new orphan care ministry at church. I wanted to say no. Robin and I had been talking back and forth for several months about getting this ministry started at their church. I had provided as much feedback and suggestions as I could to help get them started. I was so excited they were starting this ministry. Robin did her best to find a local family to sponsor, but kept running into a dead end each time. So, when she asked me about our girl, I wanted to say no. But the Lord whispered to me to say "yes". Later, He spoke to me again when I was regretting my "yes" and said this:

"If you had said no the ministry would have stopped there."

Robin shared with me later her discouragement in not getting the response she had hoped for from local agencies and how she had decided if they couldn't find a family then she may decide just to stop altogether.


We gave them a list of some items we use for our girl everyday, a few needs and a couple of gift wishes for Christmas.

To say we were blessed is truly an understatement.

Their church not only provided for our Pie, they also brought a gift for our boys individually, Barry and myself and our family as a whole.

Here's the kicker:

Before they came yesterday I was sorting through some of our girl's clothes and shoes to pull out what was too small. In doing so, I realized that the thick Winter coat I had planned on her using this year was too small. I immediately thought to myself that I wish I had known sooner because I could have told them she needed one. Just a few hours later we pulled a Winter coat out of one of her gift bags from this church! Only God.

Everything was so nice and we really enjoyed the time of fellowship with them all.

Our girl is smitten with the collection box the church brought along. She spent most of her afternoon playing in it.

This bounty of blessings comes at a good time for us. A time when we could use a little encouragement.

While we can't talk much about the goings-ons of our girl's case. I would like to give you a very vague update.

I know, not fair. I agree.

We are in waiting right now for some time to pass. The clock is ticking down on something pretty important and we are very prayerful that when the clock runs out, nothing will have been done. It seems odd after all this time to pray that nothing happens instead of something, but this time nothing would be for the best.

After talking around and learning some new things, there have been some adjustments made to our estimated fee in legal costs. I have hesitated to change anything here on the blog because, really, we just don't know for sure. BUT, at this point we are feeling a little more hopeful and I feel like it's a good time to make this change.

If you look to the right side bar you will notice our fundraising meter looks a little different. Our fee expectation has changed, we've paid some fees and expenses. The new meter shows you what we owe now vs. what we have now. It no longer reflects an amount that we have already paid out nor any charges we lost in Paypal fees through online donations. You see how much we have and how much we need from this moment on.

Our sweet friends really stepped up and help us get to where we are today. We obviously do have a ways to go, but feel so blessed by the huge strides that have been made already. Each and every dollar has been important to us and for all of you who have already contributed thank you, thank you, thank you!

We do still have puzzle pieces available for sponsorship for $5.00 each. Donations can be made through Paypal by clicking on the donation button on the right sidebar.

Thank you for praying and sharing with us!

God is good, all the time!


  1. God is so so so so GOOD!!!
    if i've said it once, i'll say it a million times.
    He loves in the details, and i LOVE details.
    so glad HE cares and provides just what we need, right when we need it!
    love ya!

  2. God is so good! I love it when He takes care of the small details in our lives, before we can ask.

  3. These adorable pictures of SPP remind me so much of my girls at that age...the bunny ears/puffballs are adorable. Merry Christmas to your family.


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