Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Sprinkles

1. You probably want to print these out to make with your kiddos. I did.

2. You probably want to plant a big smack-a-roo in the middle of the forehead of the elf that mysteriously mailed us this huge donation to our adoption fund. I do.

3. You are probably wondering if Christmas cards will actually get mailed from my house this year. I am. Good news, they have been purchased.

4. You probably wanted to see pictures from our trip we took to see Christmas lights last night. You know, the night where we really did Christmas together and went out as a family to eat a burger, see Christmas lights and watch Rudolph when we got home. Well, here's what I have. And yes, I realize that is my own house. Sue me.

5. I bet you're dying to come over to sand and paint little sister's new head board for her big girl bed. And if you are, pack your bags. This thrift store beauty was $5.00. She needs some love. And a new quilt. And a mattress. And a frame. But otherwise, she's a beauty.

6. My Mama is feeling puny. Pray for her.

7. I have big weekend dreams of gingerbread houses and sweet children. I'll let you know how that turns out on the flip side of the weekend.

God is good, all the time!


  1. Those houses are ADORABLE! There's even a hedgehog on one! You know my middle boy is going to flip!

    Your house is the cutest! I would come right over and help with that bed if I could.

    Praise the Lord for elves with deep, generous pockets!

    Praying for your mama! And you!

  2. Oh, that bed! It's going to be so cute! (Jacob told me the other day he is going to paint my table and chairs for me for Christmas! Yippee! enough exclamation points yet?!)

    Look at that check. Wow. Praying for your mama.

  3. Love the title. Christmas sprinkles! Love! So exciting for adoption fund suprises. And will continue to pray for your mom, and you. Totaly wishing I live closer so I could hop on over an paint that bed for you. I love to refinish furniture! We could let our littles run around while we got to work. (Oh and by the way, in my mind we are already friends. The kind that can show up and borrow eggs and meet for play dates. Hope that's ok!) ;)

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