Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our After-Christmas Special

It's hard to believe that Christmas was yesterday. I had so many more ideas of things I wanted to do that I just didn't get to. You know what I want? I want to have a little crafters club where we make one thing a month for Christmas. I'm not talking gifts, well maybe those too, but I am talking wreaths, bunting and table settings. Who wants to set that up and invite me? Do it. Please.

Christmas Eve 2012

Friday before Christmas I woke up with the blessed gift of pink eye.

 In both eyes.


It tried to steal the jolly right out of my holly.

Some drops were prescribed, it got worse by the day, three days later it turns out I am allergic to said drops, and by Christmas Eve I could see again.

Let's not discuss the whining in between.

Let's just not.

Every other year we go to my Grandma's House on Christmas Eve. It is the biggest treat. She has the best salad bar spread you've ever laid eyes on. And she orders pizza. Tons of it. We spend the day laughing and playing games. I swoon over the pretties in her house (how could I not? do you see that spread and the milk glass? swoony). My Grandma makes all of the ornaments on her tree. I want to take the entire tree home with me.

This year we took "pink out" Christmas pictures with my Mama. More about those pictures later.

Well, I didn't mean to have the same picture twice, I won't charge you any extra for seeing it again.

Christmas Eve we attended our church candlelight communion service. Pie was with us. In the sanctuary with us.
We were seated on the back row for a quick get-away in case of meltdown. About mid-way through the service she stands on my legs and searches the pulpit with her eyes. I thought she was looking for her Daddy, but then she shouted "Hey, where's baby Jesus!"

Exactly, sweet girl, exactly.

We went home and tucked children in bed. About 10:30 one little person still did not have sugar plums dancing in her head. No, she had the knowledge that her cousin was coming the next day and since she had no idea how this Santa business was going to pan out, she set her mind on seeing her cousin-bud. So until well after 11:00, Little Sister jumped in her bed shouting "JC, you're coming to my house! Hurry, Santa is coming! JC come on!"

It made for a late night.

Christmas morning was grand and the day followed suit. Santa delivered twins to us via grandparents. The kids loved their gifts. We have a little Christmas breakfast tradition of sausage balls and orange rolls, It's fancy. I found new sassy jewelry in my stocking and my Granny found her stocking left under my tree.

Our family came to our house this year which turned out to be the most kind of fun.

1. I never left my house.

2. Everyone saw my tree- with the lights out on top, but whatever.

3. We didn't get home late.

4. Everyone left their left-overs here.

We played games until the little people started melting down. We took another "pink out" Christmas picture with the Christmas Eve crew.

Then, today I went back to work and when I came home my sweet husband had washed and folded all of the laundry, the baby was napping and I drank hot cocoa on the couch whilst I watched my favorite TV show twice.

Oh yeah. It happened.

Mostly though, we are so thankful for God and the precious gift of His Son Jesus. The gifts we exchanged here seem pretty special on earth but will all pass away one day. His gift to us is eternal, all we have to do is accept it. Praise the Lord! That's Christmas every day in my book!

We said good-bye to a precious family member this morning. His time on earth is done and praise Jesus he is now healed from his suffering. Over the next few days we will be attending services and hugging necks. We'd appreciate your prayers, especially for my sweet husband.

God is good, all the time!

P.S.- Please tell me about your Christmas. I have been wondering...

P.S.S.- I plan to do one more Christmas post about gifts and shopping and kids, etc. Stay Tuned...


  1. Sounds like tons of fun with the right amount of "Where's baby Jesus?" from Pie. ;) We had a good day, too.

  2. you crack me up! :)
    1. i'm SO glad that your eyes are better!
    2. i'll be praying for your husband and family. so sorry. :/
    3. i would do Christmas here for the leftovers alone...we keep looking for food.
    4. i will do the craft club...for sure. ;)

  3. Glad to hear y'all had a good Christmas and that your mama felt like coming! Praising God with you for all His blessings.
    Love you, Cuz!


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