Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Boy.

Months ago we began to pray about this teeny tiny mouth and the major love that it needed.

We made calls and plans and appointments. We waited.  Meanwhile, I buried myself in an insurance manual and paperwork. I loathe insurance paperwork.

We were getting down to the wire on our end of things and finally we made the appointment on faith that everything would just fall into place.

It pretty much did, give or take a couple of dollars a month.

So today my pirate boy found himself in a chair with his feet up and his mouth wide open.

He is always, always, always a trooper.

No matter where we go, or what type of appointment it is, or how uncomfortable he is- he never ever complains.

His mouth is really sore and we expect it will be for a while.

We are so thankful that were are at this point. It didn't seem feasible at all just a few months ago.

Riley has always been our out of the ordinary kid.

You never know what to expect from him next. He's artsy and wacky and super, super smart.

His Christmas wish list this year cracked us up.

This, my friends, was number one on his wish list.

He saw this moustache mug at Books-A-Million a few months ago. He all but kissed it in the store.

Begged for it.

Talked about it all the way home.

And the next day.

And the next.

And then, it made #1 on the Riley's Christmas Wish List 2012 Edition.

Oh, he didn't just want the mug. He's far more specific than that.

His request was this:

Moustache mug with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows.

Luckily, the Mister and I happened by the bookstore a few weeks ago and scooped it up, along with a few more moustache treats.

My boy will be in moustache heaven.

Did your littles request anything out of the ordinary this year?

Tell me.

God is good, all the time!


  1. No real doozies this year, but last year M asked for a stuffy zebra and some stuffy apples for it to eat. There were slim pickins on stuffed zebras last year, but I found one on the last day the kids were in school before the holiday (shwew!). Still no stuffy apples, but the zebra doesn't look any worse for wear. (Again, shwew!)

  2. My daughter Faith loves mustaches too. I got some mustache fabric to make her a bag for Christmas. I can't wait to see her face. I may have to check out the mug! :)

  3. And I hit publish before I could say that I hope Riley's discomfort is short-lived. For my recent round of orthodontics, the first week was the most discomfort I felt over the whole two years of treatment. But even troopers deserve a break now and then!

  4. I so remember the pain with the braces. I think because I had to wear a headgear at night, too. It went away after a week or so. It will get sore once a month when they adjust. But it gets easier.

    Ethan has been watching a super expensive Star Wars Lego set on Amazon for months. He checks it every single day. He doesn't know his mama caught it on a major sale a few weeks ago and it's in the house. ;)

    I need to search for your stocking stuffer post. I need ideas badly.

  5. My out-of-the-ordinary middle boy also asks for off the wall stuff. This year it's an electric guitar (remember he's 7) and a hedgehog. Always the hedgehog. One day he'll get his hedgehog but I don't think it will be this year.

    One year a long time ago,he was 3 or 4, Garrett asked for Buzz Lightyear Lasers. Like the lasers that are on his arms. I searched EVERYWHERE for those blasted things and finally ended up finding them in England via Ebay. He was so excited so it was totally worth it!

  6. My teenaged daughter has "nice pens and a highlighter" on her list, I consider that pretty out of the ordinary.

  7. mine want a mini trampoline and an art table. i can handle those request. my 5 year old nephew told me he wants a fire I ask my 5 year if she knew what a kindle was and she said " i don't know something you use to start a fire."

  8. what a cutie!
    i hope that his mouth doesn't hurt for long.
    still praying for you. :)

    it's the little things, isn't it?
    a moustache mug with marshmallows.
    i love giving my children good gifts and it always reminds me of how much MORE my heavenly Father loves to give us good gifts, too!


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