Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I kind of feel like I've been silent lately. Like I have shut you all out. We're running short on exciting events around here. Every day life is the name of the daily game we're playing right now. It's all subject to change, though, so stick around.

We have 35 days until we know for sure. Not too long, not very short. The waves of anxiety over the wait roll in and fade as the days go by. I've got a heap of plans I want to execute for parties and gifts and family pictures, but fear speaks loudly in the background. I replace it with hope and write a few more things down. If you have some suggestions on a special gift from us to our girl, I'm all ears.

Track season and student driving is taking over the dull parts of the afternoon. This kid and his tall form do me in nearly every day. He weighed three pounds once you know. And then I blinked, and here we are.

I'm not as big on fancy organized kitchens as I am on Sunday afternoon rest. Sunday is the one day we're all home to rest after worship. It is my favorite. I'll clean up the kitchen when my nest is empty. Amen.

We're noticing some self-adjustments here and there in the vision department. We had a hard conversation before school this morning that made me weepy before my orange juice had been consumed. This eye disease is stretching us.

We've an important meeting to attend tomorrow. Nothing that will change the world. It's a touch-everyone-in-the-room before we see the judge sort of thing. I've sandwiched it between the treats of lunch with new friends and dinner with old friends and added a side of Build-A-Bear to the daily plate. It will be a long day and no one wants to be grumpy, so we may has well sprinkle in some fun. Hopefully, my girl will be a trooper and mind her manners all the live-long day. We've never had an entire day like that, but one can always hope. If you're in the praying business and want to give that an extra covering, well, I'd be obliged. You can never have too many prayers.

Have a happy day, my friends!

God is good, all the time!


  1. I'm saying a prayer for you all right now, Joy.

  2. Good luck with that long day tomorrow!

  3. Just said a prayer and will keep your family in my prayers.

  4. Hard conversations are never fun. I praying for your strength.

  5. love you.

    i wish i was having lunch with you.


    my prayers are yours.

  6. I've got an important long awaited, long overdue meeting tomorrow too. It would help if you could please come organize my life, plan some lunch dates for me, and sprinkle in some fun. I'll even promise to mind my manners all the live long day. ;)

    I'll pray for you tonight!

  7. When we adopted our two girls a year and a half ago (3 and 4 at the time) we got them each charm bracelets with a special charm on it. At a year we did a ceebration and got another charm, my mom got them one at Christmas. It has been a special thing that they can wear (on special occasions) and we can keep adding to. :) congratulations on your court date, I know the waiting is horrible!

  8. praying for you ;)

    my daughter has become a bit obsessed with an old locket i had in my jewelry bow ... i know little miss might be a bit young for that, but photo and all it is pretty cute ;)

    also a friend of mine's mom. started her daughter a charm bracelet and every year she bought her a charm on her birthday ( you could use the adoption date as anniversary? ) but the cute part was she bought a charm each year with a mile stone but did not give it to her until her 18th birthday :) \

    praying and believe with you! after all where two or more are gathered he is there :)


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