Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vacation {Budgeting} Planning Mini Sessions: Lesson 5

If you're new on the scene you can catch up on the previous sessions here: One. Two. Three. Four. (Just click on the numbers.)

You're ready to go on vacation!!! Are you excited?

Now, let's talk about what happens when you arrive. You have a ton of cash with you, and you certainly don't want to loose it. We have a safe available to us where we stay. When we arrive I locate it, set a new code, practice locking and unlocking it several times and then place my money in it.

I received this handy dandy jewel for Mother's day from my sweet little babes. I'm the nerd Mama that likes coupon organizers as gifts. This one is made by Thirty-One gifts. 

Each day, I will place my envelopes for that day in my new organizer. I'll keep a fuel envelope, spending money, the miscellaneous envelope and gift cards in there as well. We will drop into the townhouse several times during the day to eat, rest and hang out, so if I need to add in some extra cash I will always have that option. If I happen to misplace my organizer while I am out, I will still have cash in the safe.

I look for coupons everywhere we go for activities and tuck coupons in with my envelopes. And then, I enjoy my vacation!

I would like to add that we do many activities on vacation that are free to us. Before leaving on your vacation search the web for free things to do wherever you're headed. You'll get some great ideas that will save you money and make great memories.

You're ready! Questions? Where are you going?

God is good, all the time!

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