Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello Weekend

Riley's eye seems to be doing alright. The things that were concerning us seem to have settled down on their own. That is always a good thing! Let's continue to pray.

We'll be celebrating my Dad's birthday this weekend and staying close to home. I've been wanting to work on a little re-do for Little Miss Kendra's room. I'm changing her colors to yellow, white and gray. I have many things to pull from around the house, so I hope to make a little progress in that area. She's three now and some of the "baby" stuff has come down. It's time to spruce it up a bit.

We have been blessed with several new prints in the shop this week. Skip on over to the shop and take a look for yourself. 

This sweet print has been drawn by the lovely Casey (@seabugsail on Instagram) just for Riley's shop. We are so appreciative to all of the sweet folks who have donated prints and purchased them! Every purchase makes a difference.

This week God sent us two meal gift cards for Riley's God Pocket! It is a huge blessing to tuck these into his envelope and know that a meal has already been provided. Provision! These cards came with the sweetest note to us. God loves a cheerful giver! These were certainly given cheerfully, another huge blessing!

There is a fundraiser for Riley going on here with Beverly Cook until the end of the month. If you love Scentsy (I do!) you can click on the fundraiser for Riley tab and your order will count toward his fundraiser. Thank you Beverly for listening to God speak to your heart and setting this up for us! (shop here)

Thank you all for continuing to pray for us, and especially for Riley. Our strength comes from God through your prayers. We feel them!

God is good, all the time!

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  1. Praying for that boy and for you!
    Maybe if you're lucky...we'll get the windmill shot up and running. Maybe! One day!



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