Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

It only snows around our parts every once in a blue moon, so to speak. We pride ourselves on our year-round warmish weather. Hence, I took this picture hanging out my kitchen window because there was no way I was going outside.  I'm not crazy.

Kendra Loo and her Daddy built this Olaf snowman at 8:30 the night before in the dark. It's a long story that involves a sassy, irritable preschooler and two parents that allowed her to nap all the live-long afternoon while they stared out the window at the pretty snowflakes falling. Eventually, she woke up and realized she was late to the party. She racked up a snowman and 247 laps around the front yard on a beach boogie board from her Daddy and then partied it up until midnight. She won.

So, the next morning, after she made a trip to the doctor for a potential ear infection after a dramatic performance, she was nominated for an Academy Award for best dramatic morning presentation and I sent her outside without a hat to stand beside her snowman for a proper picture, for crying out loud. The doctor had just given her a clean bill of health; it was practically permission. 

She was outside approximately 5.7 seconds. In case you were freaking out.

Little Sister is currently obsessed with all things Disney Frozen, especially Elsa. This snow was obviously sent straight from God because He's probably so dang tired of hearing her sing "Let it snow" on repeat 24 hours a day. 

Her Olaf in the picture was a Christmas gift from her Aunt and Uncle. She's worn this Elsa dress six days straight. We had to make a rule that she can't sleep in it (the lace is thin) and another that says she can't wear it to school (dumb school rules). 

This was actually her second snow since she was born, but she was itty bitty the first time and we didn't even take her outside for a picture. Thank goodness I've gotten my act together enough to send her out without a proper hat or scarf now. In related news, I did try to send a scarf out for the snowman, but no one else was concerned that he might be cold. Haters.

The snow is mostly melted now and the vegetable soup is gone. It was fun being "snowed in" together with an inch of snow for a day and a half. We're hoping our warm weather comes back soon. Amen.

God is good, all the time!

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  1. Ha! She won. Rebekah pulled Nora and Ava on a boogie board then brought it over to my house today so we could get our exercise. ;)


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