Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello Tuesday!

It seems in the ins and outs of daily life I have forgotten how to blog.

Oh, I think of it alright.

I think of it at midnight when the shadow of something I imagined creeps by my bed and I startle myself enough to wake up and think too much.

Life seems to have gotten way too busy way too fast.

There's soccer and pre-school girl-drama. There's a teenager with a girlfriend.

Oh my side.

You read that correctly.

She's real cute, but geez.... I was his girlfriend, right?

Lets move on.

We leave in two days to take Riley to see his eye-ball doctor. Most everything is ready to go. Nana and Papaw are driving the home on wheels and we're making a weekend of fun out of a rotten old trip to get his eyeballs poked around. That's how we roll.

Also, we're going to the Aquarium.

Riley has been itching to touch a dolphin for a while.

The time has come.

Related: Little Sister has an imaginary friend named Casey. Casey is also planning to come on this trip. Casey has more junk packed than the law allows. I'm talking "everything but the kitchen sink" kind of stuff.

I'll update on eye-balls first chance I get. In the meantime think about how fun it is to have a soccer player in the house with a hacky sack. Then think of me. :)

God is good, all the time!



  1. Girlfriend? It has happened. Watch out. ;)

    You do that waking up in the middle of the night thing, too? I want it to stop already.

    Let us know about Riley. And take lots of pics of the dolphin encounter.

  2. I bet Casey showed up when preschool ended for the year. Have fun on your mini vacation.

  3. You guys have a safe trip and know that we are praying for you over here in Arizona!


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