Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm Back....

Well, I'm back to Blogger. Wordpress gave me hives. I'll blog from my phone or whatever. We will make this thing work.

A few months ago we decided some changes were needed for our girl. Among some of the final decisions that were made, a new school setting was at the top of the list. Our girl has a late birthday and will miss the cut off for pre-k. She needs to be educationally challenged during the day on a continual basis. She's really smart and when she's bored it goes downhill. I imagine a few of you are nodding your heads. This is my blog-friendly version of this story. Homegirl needs to be engaged.

After some research and homework we found the best match for her. She was accepted into the program and will start the new school year in a little over a month. I myself am excited because one of my dear friends also has her little nest of littles there too. There are also other children in her class who are adopted! Praise Jesus!

This new school requires uniforms and we're starting from scratch in that department. We were gifted a hand-me-down uniform dress and a pair of shorts from a friend at church. I set a budget of $10 per week to allow us to bargain shop for items on the weekends. We not only need uniforms, but also lunch accessories, a back pack, school supplies, and new socks and shoes. 

I have been drooling a long while over the bento style lunch boxes. If you don't know what bento lunches are go to Pintrest and type in bento. Your mind will be blown. As cute as I found the boxes to be, I couldn't justify the purchase at the cost listed plus shipping. While we were on vacation I found this Sophia box at the Disney Store on sale for $5.00. This was more than half off of most listed prices. I was also able to find a shirt and two pair of skorts for her on sale as well.

Yesterday I found this matching Sophia water bottle at our local TJ Maxx for $4.99. Then I managed to score this uniform shirt from The Children's Place for her for just $0.79! They practically gave it to me!

I feel like God has really confirmed this school move by providing the things she needs within our small budget. We have a few weeks left and still need a few more things (shirts, gym shorts, socks, shoes, book bag, lunch bag and school supplies) but I have no doubt that she will be ready with everything she needs on her first day of school. She can hardly wait to get there. We are so excited for her.

God is good, all the time!

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  1. Welcome back!! Loving all the ways God is providing for your family these days. I love seeing it all play out...and your could move mountains! Thanks for sharing your heart.


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