Friday, January 23, 2015


When God sent this girl to us I knew not a single stitch about taking care of African American hair.

I know a twinge more now.

Last year we began visiting a local beauty shop where an older black woman (who we love!) would wash, treat and style Kendra's hair for us. She was a precious soul and she did a wonderful job. The environment there was, well, just not appropriate for a child.

Earlier this month I found a new lady in a new place. She has not only worked her hair magic for us, but we LOVE her. We love the beauty shop. We love that her two young daughters are there and they take turns playing games with Kendra as she sits in the chair. 

We were spending 3-4 hours in the beauty shop before. Now we are down to an hour, and the time flys by! We're on a two week rotation now. We go in every other week and our lady washes, treats and styles it. Then I maintain it between visits by doing whatever she tells me to do. I do exactly what she tells me. :)

This lady has been such a blessing to me already. No more tears for either of us at the beauty shop. (Well, until it is time to leave, and then little sister wants to stay longer.) So thankful for these new friends in our lives. 

God is good, all the time!


  1. At first I thought you were going to tell us you styled her hair like that yourself! Mercy. It would take me ten hours to do that. So glad you have found a new place and person you love. New friends is just icing on the cake!

  2. So precious! Thankful for good friends, for both of you!

  3. So pretty!!! I have questions...does she style it like this wet? How long will it stay in? Rube's only lasts about a week. (insert despairing face here) And hers is $60 a pop!

  4. As AA foster mom myself, I initially dreaded having to do my daughter's hair because that simply was not my a part of my skill set. It took multiple products, a vat of patience (on both her and my part) and I am finally at a place now where I don't cringe when she takes off her hat in public :)
    Saying all that to say kudos and I get it!


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