Monday, January 5, 2015

Riley Wrestles

As I mentioned before, Riley is wrestling.


This is how it went down:

Riley came home from school one day and said he wanted to wrestle.

I said no.

He asked his Dad.

Dad said yes.

I said no.

I called Riley's eye specialist  and said "this is Riley's mama. he wants to wrestle. tell him no."

The doctor said yes.

I said no.

I took him for a physical. I wrote down every thing that has ever been wrong with him in his entire life.

He passed his physical.

I said no.

I called and asked for another opinion.

They also said it was fine.

I lost. Riley won. He's a wrestler.

So, here's what they said:

Since Riley's retina has never detached, he has the same risk of that happening that the kid beside him has. Since there is already so much damage in his eye, we should just let him be a kid. If the kid wants to wrestle, he can wrestle. His eye is at risk no matter what he's doing. It is only going to get worse, even if he sat alone in a bubble.

I have further increased my prayer life.

We're halfway through the season for him now and he's fine. I'm still on pins and needles, but the season itself has been fun. The wrestling team is made up of some amazing kids and it has been fun to spend time with them.

I'm considering this a practice run for bigger things like driving or college. Baby steps.

God is good, all the time!


  1. Ha! "I said no." I love it!!! My Little Man will be five Sunday, and no one understands that I do not want to talk about it. Sorry 'bout the flu :(, but I'm glad you had a slow and enjoyable Christmas!!

  2. Ha ha! I remember this conversation at my house. I even threw in the "But, son, you know you'll have to wear a little piece of nylon!" And... we went to wrestling matches for a couple of years. And... yes... it was fun.


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