Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Teasy Peasy

This girl. She really is as hilarious as she appears. Loves to be funny for attention all the live-long day. I was so lucky to capture this moment. She moves so quickly.

A while ago my Mama and I discussed starting a small handmade business where we would make fabric place mats for little girl tea parties. My Mama's diagnosis of breast cancer and God's timing put our plans off, but now we've set off on this new adventure together. I'm the cutter, she's the seamstress. We work as we can with me cutting out patterns in the evening at my house and then delivering them to her at work in the mornings. She sews in the evening as she is able. One of the side effects of her cancer journey has been muscle spasms in her hands and feet. Some days just aren't for sewing. We just go with the flow.

My girl is definitely reaping the benefits of the business and there are tea parties galore happening over in our neck of the woods. We have different guests each day. I wouldn't be surprised if the Dutchess of Cambridge herself popped in for a spot of tea one afternoon.

The main reason we've started this business is to help cover some of Riley's medical costs. The medical care for this eye disease is expensive. We travel out of state, out of network, see two specialists and an additional local provider, etc. It adds up. I never seems to go down. The travel expenses themselves are beyond the abilities of our budget.

Riley's God Pocket has carried us through so many times and we still have that little envelope. Riley's next appointment is in two weeks. We've planned a little sale for our "Teasy Peasy" sets on Instagram for February 2nd to help fill it up. His appointment is two days later. You can follow along on Instagram at @small.town.joy. 

We are prayerful that this will be a blessing to us, but the fun is already happening at our house! I mean, how cute is this picture?

God is good, all the time!

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