Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Amelia Island

A few months back I clicked cancel on our already booked and completely paid for vacation plans after our oldest son was hit head on by a drunk driver. Replacing a vehicle trumps magical vacations. The very same day a friend sent me an e-mail saying that she had put us down for a week in her beautiful ocean front condo on Amelia Island. No strings attached. She had no idea I had just cancelled our vacation. God is amazing like that.

Our first set of vacation plans only allowed four of us to go due to the timing. Our summer missionary boy had things to do. When we checked the calendar dates for this trip, everyone was free and even the grandparents could come along! Win, win.

We could see straight to the ocean from our balcony. We spent most of our free not-on-the-beach time sitting here and enjoying the beautiful view. 

My Dad brought all of his kites along. He has close to 30. He spent all day everyday tending to the business of flying his kites. He was happier than a pig in mud. A crowd collected along the beach benches each day to watch him. By the end of the week everyone was old friends with my Dad and his kites.

At one point he had 15 in the air at once. Kendraloo watched them like a hawk. 

He even ventured into town one evening and found a mermaid kite for little sister. Her day was made. She flew her first kite on this trip. She's an official kite lover now.

Why does he look like he's in college? 

I can't even.

He eats everything in sight. I promise.

Poolside tomato sandwich snacking.

Post Office. I die.

Carousel house for sale. Amelia Island, FL. My 10 year old self is looking for investment partners, because, seriously.

One lucky Mama.

Amelia Island is also home to Fort Clinch. It was a military base set to serve as a barrier of protection during the Civil War. It was built, but was never actually used in battle. The landscape was amazing and we saw a rabbit and a huge turtle on the side of the road and a sea turtle, horseshoe crab and jellyfish in the ocean. 

Little Sister has taken to My Little Ponies, especially the tiny ones that you can find in the surprise packs. She and Nana had a Pony Pageant. It was legit.

On our last day, we visited our cousins, in their hometown of St. Mary's GA.

A few of the historical buildings there were used by Harriet Tubman for the Underground Railroad. My history brain nearly exploded.

This made my entire trip. This is a true working "pirate" ship. Several families live on and operate this ship. (They aren't pirates, but come on, look at that ship). They come to shore to sell the wares they have made and when they have enough money they sail again. The ship was beautiful with so many hand carved details. I tried to contain myself. It was most difficult.

For information on how you can stay where we stayed, click here.

We enjoyed this beautiful place and a laid back pace so much. We at at a local Mexican restaurant one night. Our cousins hosted a delicious dinner for us in St. Mary's. We ordered pizza one night. All of our other meals we cooked in house, and boy, was it a scrumptious week! We hope to go back for another visit one day. We took our vacation envelopes along for this trip. We didn't spend much at all on this trip because we mostly ate in, stayed free and did lots of free activities. It's one of our favorite vacations ever and probably the least expensive in the books. I did forget to mention that I completely forgot to pack my camera for this trip. It was almost a blessing. I snapped pictures with my phone as I wanted and wasn't bust juggling a camera all day everyday. The picture quality isn't the best in every picture, but I'm loving them just the same.

God is good, all the time!

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  1. I think the pictures are beautiful. I'm so glad that you were able to get a vacation. :)


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