Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Little Princess

We had no idea how much this girl would bless our lives when God sent her our way. She came after much grief, during much chaos, in a season of just plain hard. She has been pure sunshine.

Our girl loves big and fierce and with no regard to status or stature. She's four and she doesn't meet a stranger. She's the leader or the follower. The master of pretend. The princess of drama.

We've seen God weave plans together for this girl that we could never have imagined. She does cartwheels on legs we were told would never walk correctly. She's mastered school work they said it would take years for her to grasp. She's worked herself right out of her grade level. She'll be homeschooling next year.

A few months ago our girl began to grieve an absence in her life that we could not produce for her. We had many late nights with tears and questions that couldn't be answered. Where is she? 

It became clear that this wasn't just a phase for little sister. Her hurt was real and not a new version of bedtime drama to stay awake. Her adoption was a closed adoption. We didn't have much to go on. We decided we'd try anyway. For her. 

A few phone calls were made and some weeks passed by, and then on a Monday morning and e-mail landed in my inbox. Big Sister had been found. Oh happy day.

Big Sister is several states away living with her very own adoptive family, They look a lot like us. A few hours after that first e-mail our girls were able to FaceTime each other face to face and talk for the very first time. Big Sister is quiet and reserved. An over-comer. Oh so smart. She's a beauty. She had been missing little sister just as much.

A few weeks from now we'll meet in the middle and real life hugs will be given. We'll snap a million pictures and share all the giggles. We'll join our journeys together.

God has given us such a gift in sharing in the lives of not just one girl, but TWO, Our little princess has a big sister. What a blessing!

God is good, all the time!

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  1. Oh Joy, what a precious story. Thank you for sharing this new part of your family journey with us. Praying that you'll all have a great time!


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