Friday, April 8, 2016

Adventuring to Graduation

Oh dear me, I've done it again. I really do have good intentions on blogging, but the actual act of blogging seems to be escaping my grasp.

A few months ago we committed to a few months of adventure for our family of five. Graduation is knocking at our door, and our time with our oldest son living at home is limited. So, we filled our calendar up with happy plans and set out on our merry way.

Our first adventure was to our state's largest zoo. We packed a picnic and made a day of it. The animals were especially active that day and the roaring lions had all of the monkeys howling. It was a rare treat.

Our second adventure took us to the most magical place on Earth. This is the first trip where is has been just our family of five. We enjoyed some extra special attention on the trip which was most welcomed and enjoyed. We are very lucky to be real-life friends with Queen Elsa. She was extra sweet to us.  Little Sister had the flu the week before our trip and literally got the all-clear to go just a few hours before we flew out. We spent lots of time resting while we were there to accommodate her needs and it made for the most enjoyable trip.

On our third adventure, our Daddy-man was sick, so we set off on our adventure without him. We scooped up some friends and a picnic basket and headed to our local covered bridge. It's only an hour's drive from home so we were there lickety split. We had a fun time exploring some new paths and planning future visits. 

Our most recent adventure took us into the Smoky mountains. We spent a few days of Spring Break hanging out together. My parents joined us as well and we set out to do as many things as we could in just a few days' time. It was a fun adventure!

We have one more adventure that is possibly in the works. Hopefully, we can squeeze it in during the month of April. Our calendar is filling up fast with everyday obligations and we're just seven weeks away from graduation itself. Jordan has received the honor of being selected to serve on staff at our Baptist boys' camp, so he will leave before graduation to serve there. He'll come back for the weekend of graduation and then be off again until August. We are so excited for this opportunity for him. 

I can foresee that this "adventures to graduation" countdown will be a recurring theme with all of our kids. We have really enjoyed setting aside this time together, sometimes away from home. Planning and taking off on these adventures has been really fun. 

Maybe, just maybe, I can make it back to this little ole' blog again before graduation!

God is good, all the time!

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  1. You just need to copy and paste your instagram posts here and you'll kill two birds with one stone! Exciting times. Your envelopes must have been bulging!


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