Monday, July 18, 2016

Camp Old Indian

We have all really enjoyed Riley being involved in Boys Scouts. Our local troop is led by an amazing veteran who not only loves Scouts, but he loves God and the boys. You can tell that he is genuinely concerned for the long-term success of each individual scout. He is a fun man to spend time around and the boys really admire him.

Last week, Riley spent the week at Camp Old Indian. The camp runs from Sunday through Saturday. As tradition goes, families can come up on Wednesday evenings to visit their scout, have dinner and enjoy a time around the campfire for some entertainment.

Most of our boys opt to leave the camp for dinner in exchange for some restaurant air conditioning. It's been hanging around 100 degrees each day and even in the mountans, the humidity makes things miserable. A trip to the local Pizza Inn fit the bill and the buffet filled up all of the hollow legs amongst the herd of boys we brought along. Mostly, we enjoyed hearing some camp stories and hugging our boy.

Riley is currently at the rank of Star. It is his goal to reach Eagle Scout by his 18th birthday. We are cheering him on!

God is so sweet to us.

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