Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maple Grace

The morning before our tall boy walked across his graduation stage, our sweet dog Daisy didn't wake up from her sleep. She was twelve years old. We miss her so much.

There was definitely a void in our hearts. No one to greet us when we came home. No one to play with in the yard. 

Little Sister has been missing someone too- her big sister. The miles apart influence the time we can spend together. We wish we could visit every day, but we can't. 

Little Sister put on a sweet little face and asked her Daddy for a kitty a few weeks ago. We knew it was just the thing she needed. 

I did plenty of research, contacted the Humane Society and one Thursday afternoon we went and scooped our kitty up and brought her home.

Meet Maple Grace.
(named by Kendra)

Maple has been good for all of us. She is the most loving cat I have ever met. 

You must love her at all times.

Maple has filled in a little of that sorrow we were seeing in our girl. 

K is busy with her kitty all the live-long day.

Maple is playing along with all of Little Sister's antics.

She's such a fun kitty. We're glad to have her.

God is so sweet to us.

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  1. I'm a dog person, but we've had three cats vs. one dog. It's very important to have a sweet kitty. I'm so glad she's a part of your family!


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