Friday, August 26, 2016

Firsts and Lasts

This is the LAST first day of Kindergarten for us.

This is the FIRST first day of school picture ever taken without his brother by his side.
(11th grade!)

This is the FIRST year with one of my littles sleeping in a different nest every night. 
Let's not talk about that. 
Unrelated: I'm thinking of returning to college. Those mountains are calling my name.

God has done so many amazing things for us that celebrating all of these firsts and lasts comes easy, but oh my goodness does a mama's heart hurt sometimes. How many sleeps until he comes back home? Looking forward to Fall football games this year!

God is so sweet to me.

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  1. My mother always said, "Every stage is the best stage; enjoy the one you're in." We sometimes have to remind ourselves to love the stage we (and our kids) are in, don't we.


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