Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What We're Up To These Days

I don't believe that can truly call myself a blogger any more. We're in a different season of life right now and blogging isn't high up on the list of priorities these days. I thought it might be fun to hit a few highlights and catch my blog up to where we are now.

Jordan just finished his first year of college. He's working his second Summer at Camp McCall- our state's Baptist Royal Ambassador Camp for boys. This picture was taken there at family day in June. The highlight of Jordan's Summer so far, outside of camp, has been spending the day on a yacht in the Charleston Harbor with the camp staff.

Riley will be entering his senior year of high school in just a few weeks. He has a new job at the local grocery store and is working on his Eagle Scout Project. Riley was "officially" diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in May. His eye disease is still no longer detectable.

Kendra just finished kindergarten. She's a great reader- finished on a second grade level! She's also a great gymnast and flips everywhere that she goes. She is all about her baby dolls and takes one or five everywhere we go. She's a serious little mama. Kendra and her Daddy took their first Daddy-daughter trip this Summer to attend a family wedding on the coast.

Kendra was in a wedding in May.

Barry is teaching and coaching both football and basketball at a local high school. He's currently taking a few grad courses to earn further certification to teach gifted students. If he's not at school or working on his classwork, you can usually find him at the church.

I'm working semi-full-time outside of the home and planning fun trips for my friends. I usually have a calendar and a notebook full of lists in hand. Kendra and I have made mini adventures to the thrift store a priority this Summer to further her reading collection.

Outside of that, we're just trying to maintain a balance between busy and being fully present. We've done some fun things this Summer like swimming, camping, hiking, worshipping and travelling. We're hoping to squeeze in a little more fun before school starts back. We have tubing and a tea party on our list!

We're so thankful for a healthy, happy family!

God is so sweet to me.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I just thought about you yesterday and wondered how you are doing:) What a blessing that Kendra can read and enjoys it! I know this from experience with late readers. Your family is beautiful, and I know you enjoy every minute that you have with them!


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